Tuesday, 8 November 2011

The Illusion...Of Free Choice

If it's not painfully obvious already, hopefully this cow's quandary may enlighten us with respect to the vigor  our Conservative government is showing with respect to spending and deficit reduction. 

Dear Conservative government, your voter base gives up excitement and enthusiasm when there are umpteen places to cut waste and we are still wandering in the land of limbo. I humbly ask you re-articulate your (new?) values, or start acting like a Conservative government. 

Conservatives, please get a handle on this pic, if you do we are off to the races!

Once you trim the bacon, we can get on with business.  The principle Peter shares works just as well for Canada:

This direction is required for success and long term sustainability and competitiveness.  Europe is reeling over their bond yields, shaky Euro and debt. Big government does not work. Conservatives, I thought you knew better. Waz-up?

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