Monday, 7 November 2011

This Is Typically Where Conservatives Fail

Flaherty set to confirm delayed deficit target in fiscal update

Minister of Finance Jim Flaherty responds to a question during question period in the House of Commons on Parliament Hill in Ottawa
We talk the talk...less government, increased accountability and fiscal responsibility...but results suggest quirk in our step.  The reality is we spend more then we take in. The 'fiscal conservatives' can't balance the books.

It seems like Conservatives often squirm in this situation.  We deflect, blame and point.  This obviously is not good.

If in fact the Conservatives are going to announce delayed deficit targets, here is what they should say, "We champion ourselves as the party of fiscal responsibility.  We failed.  We incorrectly mis-assessed the variables we were entrusted by the Canadian public to asses and handle.  The results speak for themselves, and here is how we are going to fix the problem: 1. 2. and 3.  We will not blame circumstance or others, but look to our failed efforts and move forward to eagerly improve in this area to remain your party of choice."

In business, it's natural to speak candidly about reality. Why do we often play games in politics?  After all, the Conservative party is the 'personal responsibility party', right?  We can't be: 'when it fits our discussion, we love personal responsibility...when it does not...we blame'.  I will be watching closely the remarks with respect to these developments, and trust you will be too.


  1. Maybe they should just admit the Harper Party are LIBERALS in Blue.

  2. They should admit that they are not fiscal conservatives, and due to this they have been unwilling to cut spending to the amount required.

  3. There are lots of low hanging fruit for the government to cut spending and taxes:

    Unknown number of billions by eliminating overlapping federal departments/agencies/bureaus etc. that impinge or duplicate provincial responsibilities as defined by the BNA act.
    $8 billion/year for all Crown corporations
    $30 billion/year subsidies to business (many of them to profitable business)
    $19 billion/year if civil service wages were the same as equivalent private sector jobs
    $3.6 billion/year in after tax dollars directly saved by Canadians by going to a flat tax (eliminating the costs of getting tax returns done)


  4. Bingo! Thucydides nailed it.

  5. Paul Martin had 8 successive balanced budgets. What is Harper's problem? Why is he incapable of fiscal discipline. Sheesh he used to brag he had an economics education. Wouldn't know it.

  6. The economic action plan is conservative code for giant sucking sound leading to record deficits.


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