Saturday, 12 November 2011

"I ran away from the explosion as fast as I could..."

Iran explosion at Revolutionary Guards military base

Twenty-seven soldiers have been killed in an explosion at a military base near Iran's capital Tehran, officials say.  The blast occurred when weapons were being moved inside a Revolutionary Guards depot, a spokesman for the elite unit told state TV.  Windows in nearby buildings were shattered and the blast was heard in central Tehran, 40 km (25 miles) away.
In a time of heightened nuclear tensions, I am not surprised with Amadimejad's recent rant, "I am very disappointed with the loss of 27 soldiers as these weapons were intended for peaceful purposes".  Right. We all buy that ;)  A recent poll suggests most Israelites want to give free ammo to Iran citing, "at this rate, there will be no need for an external strike." 

On serious note, if this is how Iran handles its own weapons, what again is Israel's problem with letting them have a nuke? 

Iran has every right to develop nukes for peaceful purposes, then lie about it...right?  They also have every right to fall on their own sword, right? 1 Samuel 31:4 "Therefore Saul took a sword and fell on it."


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