Monday, 7 November 2011

Here's How I Help Close The Income Gap...And The Left?

US wealth gap between young and old is widest ever

So the left often decries the injustice of income gaps. Got it.  We all want to close income gap's so people can earn more!  What is the left's solution?  Here's a fanatical-right-wing nut's crazy wacky idea in practic: invest in people.  Here's the inside scoop as to what I have been trying to do with our (now 35) employees:

1.  Value people.  Assets have a much more do people?  We value people through focusing on results while providing means/training/thinking to get results.  Work with people and recognize change is a process...where you are willing there is a way. 
2. Handle conflict with humility and an open mind.  The old days of monarchy ruling with an iron fist does not work.  We set our standards clearly and encourage people to operate within them...for all our benefit.  Help people give and receive feedback in a way that advances discussions, not points fingers/accuses and blames.
3. Articulate that giving raises actually helps our company, it does not hurt it.  It is in my best interest to give employees a raise that is deserved!  The free market will either pull them away, or I buck up.  The good news is, the higher the wage of an employee, the more value they add (often)!  I try to destroy the 'stigma' of cheap bosses by striving for results and being excited along with the employee when a raise recognizes their results.  We also provide feedback, reviews and coaching to those who 'are strugglign' to get the results our customers demands.
4. Re-invest profits.  Re-investing profits is sadly viewed as greedy by some (many?) on the left.  Banks get made fun of for their 'windfall' profits.  The reality is, they (in conjunction with profit) provide the capital required to invest in people, machines, structure and innovation...requirements within a free market.  By reinvesting in profits, I have experienced that we create additional area's of responsibility that often require one at a higher pay to properly manage.  By investing in people, we typically hire from within and are able to provide that job at a higher wage, get the results and still make a profit.  It's an exciting win-win!.

Did you notice something that was missing?  I did not cry for the government to be the solution for closing the income gap.  I am practicing a solution (it's working) and that is powerful and exciting.  Join me in being a better, more caring boss.  Join me in being a better employee. Learn more. Think more. Help more. Serve more. We can close this income gap...we just have to work at it.  Now tell me, what is so 'wing-nutty' about this?


  1. they're called "wind fall" profits genius. otherwise, your ideas are pretty sound to this lefty.

    you might want to rethink to penchanct for stacking people on one side or the other. doesn't help and it makes you look like a dick.

  2. Charlie,
    Thanks for the feedback.
    Your right, stacking may not be a good way to communicate, and I see the potential for comming off in not the best of ways. I did not see stacking in my note. I assumed 2 things which I am open to being corrected on: 1. The left typically expresses a greater concern over income gaps and 2. The left typically (but not always) looks for government to solve 'problems', at least more so then the right. Typically stacking involves several points, not 2 commonly held assumptions. In advance, forgive spelling, on bb.

  3. Nothing revolutionary here. There are many good employers on the left, on the right and in the middle. Still does not help those who cannot work or those who are unskilled or incapable of earning enough to support their families.

    Don't know what you are talking about "wing-nutty". The only thing "nutty"about this post is the assumption that only a "right wing" employer invests in people.

  4. Agreed there are good employers on left and right. Dodnt think investing in people is a left/right issue. What post did u read where u viewed such an assumption? Where did I say such or imply such?

    Oh, and yes my sharing does help those unemployed. Your comment is factually false. I hire, train and employ: directly made possible by our values. Now, you may have a point that it does not help much, b/c my company is small...but something is better then nothing.

  5. Sorry, I did infact say, "here's a right". A is singular, me. I gave my, no assumption on left does not invest and its a right wing thing.

    Perhaps u and Charlie may have a point that I was being a bit defensive,,, if so fair enough.


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