Tuesday, 4 October 2011

The Debate The Democrats Fear

He's logical, smart and knows how to make money, congratulations Mr. Cain. 
Although race should be completely irrelevant in the upcoming Federal Election there are nit-wit's on the left who are making this about race. With Herman Cain happening to be African-American, the left will have to find a new area to yelp and cry over...or will they?  The sad response of the left is they continue to overlook facts, reality and human decency and still attacks Mr. Cain calling him an Oreo cookie.   I truly think going to this level will only hurt the lefts aggressive tender for re-election (there's an oxymoron).  Although I think supporting a candidate on merit (unless their voice squeals and sounds whiny like Ron Paul) is the only way to cast support, I do happen to think from a marketing perspective (and merit), Herman Cain would be a fantastic choice, and here is why:
He, like Mr. Obama is both smart and eloquent with words.  As I've said, unless the left embarrasses themselves, race no longer should be a factor so all that remains is 'merits of idea's'.  Oh-Oh, that does not bode well for the in-the-Obama-bag media!  The free market vs. socialized state welfare: class warfare.  Bailouts vs. 'make it on your own'.  Real Change is in the air! Bring on the debate!  Keep up the great work Mr. Cain!


  1. What a contrast between Obama and Cain.

    One worked his way up the ladder of business success to become head of a multimillion dollar business chain,Godfather's Pizza.

    The other never held a real job, not even pizza deliveryman.

    In this era of political correctness,unless the republicans have Cain on the ticket,the MSM and the Dems will play the "race" card every time someone criticizes Obama.

    I like Cain, now who's to run with him?

  2. I remember there was a movement @ 2006(?) to draft Condelezza Rice as a Presidential candidate.

    Some wag pointed out that the Dems would have to try and convince voters Dr Rice was neither Black, nor a woman....

    Similar issue this time out

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