Saturday, 8 October 2011

You Gotta Be Kidding Me

Westboro Baptist Church to protest Steve Jobs' funeral

Yes, the Westboro Baptist Church - the Kansas-based organization with a history of holding controversial and politically inflammatory protests - has announced that its members plan to picket the Apple co-founder's funeral, according to CBS affiliate WTSP.

Westboro Baptist Church to protest Steve Jobs' funeral

At so many levels I challenge this group who does just about everything but represent the name of Jesus.

I directly challenge this group to be consistent with their practices on themselves as they are on homosexuals, military and recently the great and late Mr. Jobs. I want to see big signs in their church and homes that read, "being disrespectful is dishonoring, and dishonor is sin", "A negative attitude is crushing to myself and others", "My spirit rots with unforgivness", "legalism kills" and "love hides a host of sins". Do these people hold up signs for their own? I mean, we all sin and miss the mark. Until they have signs at home and their church where 20 times a day they just randomly scream at their family for failing or missing the mark they have no credibility. Sadly, they embody hypocrisy. Calling out the spec in other's eyes and avoiding the plank in their own: and being proud of it!


Everywhere I read, 'for God so loved'...each and every person. Period. Unreal twisting and damage. Massive maligning of scripture and hearts.

I assure you, there is no prevailing 'prinicple overrider' that justifies their despicable acts of disrespect. Imagine with me if you would, you come home after a tough day out and your spouse notices you did not take the garbage out, like you said you would. You said one thing, did another. Oh, boy! Now, would like a sign painted and shoved in your face that reads, "Honor your word, sinner!", or would you like a hug from your spouse with a comment like, "looks like you had a tough day, so I took the garbage out for you". Then, if the issue really matters, there can be a mutually beneficial conversation about helping each other be accountable to what we say. Clearly, unless there are broken wires in our brain, we would choose the loving option. Jesus is love and there is nothing loving about their actions. I would love to have a debate with their pastor. Within 5 minutes he would be acknowledging contradicting views and be staring blankly at my eyes, or the ground.

Just for fun, as a believer in Jesus here is my message to those who knew and loved Mr. Jobs

Mr. Jobs has inspired me. He a man of innovation, leadership and he overcame adversity time and time again. I am saddened by his passing and pray for his family to have comfort and peace. Mr. Jobs inspired me to be a better husband, father and business man.

Sept 16th, I was in Toronto (at Eaton Center) on my fifth year with Abby and I was emotionally overwhelmed by the stark difference between Bell and Apple (both want to put technology units in our hands, so I figured in a loose sense it was a fair comparison). Here are the pics I took to make a facebook point. What an incredible appreciation I have for his development of gifts and how others benefit from them!

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  1. Wow Ryan that sounds like a cult to me! How crazy that this even exists! Thank you Lord that you will show them how much you love everyone!


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