Friday, 7 October 2011

We Ontario Dogs Have Returned To Our Vomit*

Forgive the crassness of the title, it's the most accurate principle that lends understanding to the mandate for continued debt and government involvement in our free markets.  If you did vote Liberal, you are not a dog, I aint no H8'er. I am explaining a principle: read on maestro, read on.  There is a real thankfulness deficit in Ontario that translates into a ravenous appetite for programs racking up our fiscal debt.  The Ontario voters have repeated their folly.  We Ontarians did not feel enough pain to vote for the greater supporters of the free market, let alone pain enough to vote. Shame.  The individuals (over 50%!) who did not vote should go on a democratic-thankfulness-education trip to North Korea. The Ontarians who generally feel the most pain stand to benefit from McGuinty's liberal spending programs...their relief of pain comes by way of taking from the taxpayer via gov. paid programs.  The Liberal base believes in this "Forward. Together." mantra that says that those who have will share with those who do not...then the economy will truly grow togetherly and forwardly.  Although it's pie in the sky and the free market will suffer, that does not change the reality that democracy has spoken and the human condition is such that we return to what we want, even if it's bad for us.  My blog entries on Greece attempt to communicate that we are a lesser form of them.  They are broke, on the verge of bankruptcy and their people are protesting austerity cuts in the streets.  They don't get the concept you can't have what you can't pay for, to the point of violent protest (welcome London rioters looting...same idea).  Here in Ontario, we are giving the Liberals another mandate to rack up our debt beyond 250 billion in the name of giving people programs and government intervention to create this Utopian "Forward. Together" Ontario. 

Thankfulness must be the 'weapon of choice' of Ontario voters.  Pain will come. The government's gig of increasingly playing the harlot in our economy will eventually catch up with us, and them.  Government is lying in bed (inappropriately) with business, creating excessive regulation, taxes and hindrances to the free market.  This Liberal action plan is under girded by inept financial planning and poor accountability.  And there is a 250 billion+ debt to prove it. Liberals will not get out of bed with business and simply govern within their jurisdiction: for this we know.  They will encroach on the free market rescuing us from ourselves in the name of forwardness and togetherness (insert groan noises here).  I expect more debt and more excuses...and a bruised economy.  Then Ontario will experience pain that hopefully leads to change.

When that pain eventually comes (perhaps our children become infuriated with our selfish spending they are stuck with and reject debt being imposed on other generations??? Who knows?), I trust there will be an attitude of thankfulness that inspires a movement to free markets and conservative principles.  It's pretty difficult to covet other peoples possessions and wealth, when you are thankful for what you have.  Perhaps then we can end this 'relationship' the government is imposing within our free market and truly move forward, together.  A free market is the best way to do it. I only hope Ontario can figure it out before too much pain forces us to see the Greece like incompatibility of social utopia and paying for what you want.

Please Ontario, become a thankful people.  Thankful for the free market and what you have.  Let this thankfulness be the rock on which you cast your future votes, then perhaps we will not doggishly repeat our folly.
Congratulations to Mr. McGuinty and the Liberal Party on their victory.

*To be clear, I believe that every Ontario voter is equally valuable and important.  I make no slight against any Liberal voter lowering their status, intelligence or sincerity with my title or article. My point directs us to a collective Ontario that supports re-electing ANY government that believes increased debt and increased government involvement in the free market it okay/good.  Conservatives not voting is equally weighed within my point of repeating folly and returning to vomit as enablers of increased debt by not making a stand.  My point is a collective Ontario mindset that does not see debt as crushing, that does not see increased government involvement as crushing.  That is the folly of a collective Ontario (I said "We"/vomit, not "them"/vomit).

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  1. I have to say that this would refer to those voters in Toronto who hold the rest of the province hostage it would seem...when you look at the results of the much smarter rural voters it is a sea of blue...and to top that off voter turnout in Toronto was lower than other areas...does not seem democratic to me


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