Thursday, 6 October 2011

On Behalf Of Mr. Hudak

Since Mr. Hudak rambled on 87 bunny trails and confused his closest supporters, I will help make his points.
Mr. Hudak really meant to tell y'all that he really wanted to make this election about 1 simple thing: the economy.  Mr. McGuinty brags about massive spending programs to help the economy.  Mr. Hudak intended to tell you that the entire Liberal tax and spend agenda is about class warfare and redistribution.  He intended to articulate clearly that governments have no business running and planning the economy.  Mr. Hudak really thinks we the people of Ontario should fight through tough times and the government should get out of the way, not dive in and spend, create, and waste. 
The Liberals justify damaging our children's future with a suffocating debt load because the 'here and now' relief of pain trumps core values like: personal responsibility, consequences to choices and fighting through adversity.

Mr. Hudak intended to clearly communicate that his sole mission will be to lower debt and limit government intervention in the economy.  There will be some pain since we are not allowing debt to pacify our instant cries.  But that is okay.  A 3 year old who freaks out because they do not get a second bowl of ice cream is really learning a valuable lesson...limits are imposed on us for our benefit, despite the immediate pain of not getting our way.  Debt and program spending is Dalton's way to give that screaming child the extra bowl...after all, the cries never stop.   

Mr. Hudak intended to have the backbone to stand behind this message.  He foreknew there would be incredible backlash and really planned to have a response: a logical argument as to how his conservative principles truly value people and families.

He meant to stay the course, I'm sure of it.  So, in lieu of Mr. Hudak going off course and likely blowing the election, I encourage you with his logical questions and responses on what should have been the only topic he opened his mouth on. 

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