Tuesday, 4 October 2011

Moving Beyond Spin

The feeble human mind often needs an interpreter...everyone, welcome the media.

If you work hard, think and passionately love your country, then you should be bothered, at least, by the onslaught of left and right wing spin.

When will the merit of thought and idea's lay the groundwork for development of policy?
If you are reading this entry, odds are you work too hard and are annoyed by the media groups defining a position of thought on your behalf.  The media almost says, "you are too stupid to think, so we will do it for you"...check out this:

Can you think of a more stupid question? Because you are an evil right wing freak and pose a threat to the common public, I will construct a question to undermine your very existence...why are you poison?  Wolf, take a chill pill and go back to journalism school.  The sad truth hurts, and it's sad Mr. Cain had to tell it like it is, in such a forceful way: brainwashed.  Reality often sucks. Now what?  More media spin is like government stimulus...creates a false reality that delays pain.  Enough of the false reality...lose the spin and embrace something real...it's best for us all...in the long run.

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