Sunday, 9 October 2011

Entitlement Destroys Thankfulness

When we lose respect for personal property and other basic freedom's  as a means to create wealth, we run into significant problems. Enter wall street protests.  I am owed from your stash of cash!  This attitude is coveting and erodes our social fabric and puts our most basic rights on the tipping block. Sure, big wall street gangsters exist and there is unclear legislation and oversight to ensure an appropriate playing field, but by no means does that warrant the upending of Capitalism. 

Same principle in Greece: the people feel entitled to a way of life and therefore are not thankful for what they have.  So they freak out and demand entitlements from other peoples hard work. Coveting.

Canada, are we going to take our cues from the rest of the world and learn? Or are we going to continue to dole out entitlements paid for by hard working people, and corporations?  Let us not undermine the free market that has brought us so much success and prosperity.  The freedoms we enjoy are being threatened abroad and even creeping into our country.  We just lost an Ontario election because, in part, the Liberals said they would intervene the most to ensure people 'keep their jobs'.  This sad notion of looking to the government for prosperity and jobs is scary. It undermines our abilities and what we were designed to do: take responsibility and operate passionately and generously within the free market.  I am thankful for what I have and do not feel entitled to other peoples successes.  Rise up fellow Canadians and stat bragging about what you are thankful for. Often, many political philosophies presuppose various entitlements as a result of being a human. The problem is, these entitlements are forced to be paid from others. This undermines their right to basic freedoms we ought to ascribe as valuable.  Thankfulness for what we have let's Bill Gates make billions without getting bitter that he is some menace with money.  Take joy in our most basic freedoms of personal property and keeping the fruit of our work.  This is a massive step towards ending chaotic protests and government welfare handouts.  Let the thankfulness campaign begin!

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