Monday, 10 October 2011

Punk Genius At Work

Occupy Wall Street protester greets questioner with anti-Semitic remarks, tells National Review Online he is a "provocateur."

"My heart tells me what to say"


  1. This protest will go nowhere as it has been infiltrated by homeless and druggies and others that are there for the free food and other hygiene products. They have turned it into a big free love thingy. Winter will soon have them off the streets.
    I think the police and mayor should have cracked down on day one. Why are these idiots coming to Canada, Wall Street is not here.
    Read an article today that says the organizers are trying to set up a police group to stop some of the goings on. Thought they were protesting against such things. We have the polo player caught setting a police car on fire, they have one using a police car as a toilet.

  2. Aren't you pretty much unemployable after your pic turns up at one of these events?
    I mean who in their right mind would hire one of these people.

  3. What a bunch of losers. Takes a lot of courage to disrespect an older man.
    I think it's time to clean up the streets, NY.
    I think the older man got it just right "get a job".
    I would add get a life.
    Cheers Bubba

  4. They should work for their own living and not try taking other peoples' hard earned money for easy ride.

    Why don't they live in Greece


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