Friday, 14 October 2011

The Invisible Hand Will Save The Protesters

In an intellectually numbing citation, the occupy wall street-ers release their first statement.  The verdict is in: Corporations are both negligent, evil, greedy and interested selfit to death.  Reality has come upon us: thank you protesters.  They cheer, "We're young, we're poor, we're not gonna take it any more!" 

They are not against corporations being bad, they are against a free market: this much is true.  Here's the deal, you can make an argument of any social group having both good and bad qualities.  The existence of imperfections does not make a cause unjust (least they themselves are disqualified for public sex, drugs, violence and hateful and racist language).  At the root of their argument is one of demanding governments to control the means of production and distribution: plain and simple.  The covetous marchers have created a fallacy laden list of grievances predicated being 100% entitled to others wealth and the exact regulation of how they acquire more.  Take for example an excerpt: "They have consistently outsourced labor and used that outsourcing as leverage to cut workers’ health care and pay".  The marchers are entitled to regulate how a cooperation functions, regardless if it serves the corp.?

Their victimization of the 99% in conjunction with the 'they' list of grievances creates what Marx defined as the war between the proletariat vs bourgeoisie.  Make no mistake. The illusion of 'corperate' this and that is an axiomatic cry for retribution against the free market. They want a socialist state, not a 'fair, free market'.  They do not want the corperation to outsource jobs even though it lowers cost and preserves other jobs. The argument is against a free market.

So they seek to play the victim. They seek to call out the corp's as the evil oppressors.  In a dramatic and ironic manner, the answer lies simply in the power of the invisible hand that Adam Smith spoke of.
You see, the invisible hand of the market will 'self regulate' (unless our nit-wit governments intervene with bailouts).  These people can choose to play the helpless victim, or they can choose to call out companies and stop buying their products and services.  If their voices are so true and right, then lest the masses rise up and and protest via using the free market to both bankrupt greedy, selfish companies and advance their own cause.  For example, they should set up a corporation that does not outsource to other countries, or look for the best rates from employees.  Oh, but wait, that company would just not work in today's free market.  I think we found the culprit: the free market.  Their views are not compatible with a free market.  I call out the protesters as attention getting victims.  Work together to eliminate your inability to use the free market to meet your needs and rather, build your skills and knowledge.  The free market is your friend!  Invisible hands of the wall street protest, rise up and unite! Learn and grow! Buy from good companies and drain profitability on bad companies by not buying!  There is power of choice within the free market: use the invisible hand!

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