Monday, 10 October 2011

Ron Paul Is Right

Why Ron Paul did well among social conservatives at the Values Voter Summit
Ron Paul Says, “We are taught in the New Testament about caring for the poor and caring for our families and our neighbors and friends. But never did Christ say, you know, let’s go and lobby Rome to make sure we’re taken care of. It was a personal responsibility for us,” he said. “Christ was confronted at one time by a prostitute, but he didn’t call for the centurions. He didn’t call for more laws. But he was very direct and thought that stoning was not the solution to the problem of prostitution.”
It was a smoothly-constructed combination of Christianity and libertarianism (an interesting contrast to the social gospel and liberation theology), and for many in this audience it worked
It's great to see a well articulated and logical position asserted with respect to loving others and personal responsibility.  If Canada could ever get a handle on our responsibilities, we would have a much smaller government, lower debt and a wealthier middle class.  The myth that demonstrating compassion is somehow a lefty idea is not only dead wrong, it's also embarrassingly backwards.  There is nothing loving about undermining one's value by offering programs to meet a need, when that person was built to meet their own need.  Taking responsibility is difficult sometimes, but very good for us in the long Ron.  Let friends, families, local Faith groups and private charity rise up and take their place as agents of true compassion thus truncating the need for government to usher in societal Utopia via debt, taxes and programs.  I believe Canada is getting away with big debt and big programs, on all levels of government, because of our vast natural wealth.  We are coasting from coast to coast on the coat tails of our resources and past successes.  Soon, the party will be over and we will find ourselves in a sticky European situation where debt crushes our way of life.  The US is poised to become increasingly like Europe: weakened and debt ridden.  Ron Paul and others are doing us a service by sharing how real values can be tied to real responsibility which results in real political policy change.  Canada, take our cues the easy will be the least painful and most rewarding!

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  1. Very interesting. As a Christian and a Conservative I've been trying for the last few months to figure out how to balance Christianity's radical hospitality towards the poor, and Conservatism's call for more personal responsibility. Both certainly can go hand in hand, and I agree that government cannot do everything. However, I still think that government is an important TOOL to helping the poor. Nowhere in the Bible does it suggest that Government cannot have a role in helping the poor either...


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