Friday, 14 October 2011

Thought-less? How About Thought-not-at-all?

So is this what the entitlement ideology is rooted in? Thoughtless banter and group think?  Even group think seems too complimentary because they are credited with the word think.  When a civilization begins to demand something for nothing, so to begins an erosion of our most cherished and fundamental foundation for our way of life: freedom.

Check out this group demanding money from Bill Gate's foundation.

Welcome covet warfare!  Welcome Entitlement warfare. Welcome gimme gimme gimme for nothing nothing nothing.
I vote this girl to be the spokes women for occupy Wall Street! She embraces everything they stand for!
Thoughtless, selfish, coveting and thankless...the traits of the entitlement generation.
SHARE thinks Charity and Justice Begin at Home. We're part of this community, they're part of this community. It's time for Bill and Melinda to talk to the homeless home folk—us!

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