Saturday, 15 October 2011

While Remembering, The Conservatives Forget

Feds to spend $28M commemorating War of 1812
Seems like the Conservative are missing a beat here. Did we bloggers not precisely chronicle the list of radical spending and the effects of our paralyzing debt? Perhaps not clearly enough to our Conservative government.

 If you think 28 million for War of 1812 is good value, then put your mouth to where your money is and let the private sector do.  After all, if its good value as you say, then certainly the free market will see this opportunity and meet the demand, right my free market friends? Under what political authority (within your Conservative framework) do you force all to pay for a service we may not use or want? How is this a Conservative principle?

Why do you feel you have jurisdiction to spend on culture? Conservatives wake up and smell our debt load. Remember, it's growing?  Do you kinda remember we sent you to office to lower debt, not watch debt rise, then spend on culture? Conservatives, I get programs exist and you don't slash and burn...but to create new programs that 'spur' patriotism in the direction you see fit? Political expediency at the expense of your core values of limited government seem to be the issue here.

What's wrong with letting people choose where their money goes?  I remember that was the big argument for the child tax credit you put in. Certainly, if we the people find this war important, we will study and learn and go to events of our own accord, right? I'm sick of the government taxing our money and telling us what is going to be important to us, especially from a Conservative government running massive deficits.

Does this position show the visible hand of our Conservatives? Another group of glorified Liberals who believe they need to run our lives and tell us what we need to know and watch? When will we figure out that the invisible hand of the free market is to sort these issues out, not government.   

You are sending the wrong message to Canadians and the world. Liberal mantra is, "I see a need, and I will use tax dollars to meet that need". This was an endless explanation for an endless list of programs. Now that we are in power, you are singing the same tune. We did not vote for glorified Liberals who take our hard earned tax dollars and "invest" them on "important things".  We voted for a  Conservative government: limited government to expand the free market.  28 million is a lot of money we are taking from tax payers to inflate the size of government.  Look to your values and drop the program.   

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